Welcome to Prince St Pizza


From 1959 to 2011, if you ventured to 27 Prince Street, you would find Ray’s Pizza. The pizzeria was an integral part of New York City’s pizza history. Frank Morano, Prince Street Pizza’s owner, grew up eating Ray’s coveted slices.
The hanging lights in the pizzeria give off a warm glow from above and framed, autographed pictures of visiting celebrities crowd the walls.
Kate Hudson, Stephen Tyler, Ryan Seacrest, and many other celebrities can be spotted in photographs. The ambiance created by the lights and walls gives you the feeling that you’re inside of a pizza oven.
Everything at Prince St. Pizza is created fresh and of the highest possible quality. After one taste of the pizzeria’s unique creations, there’s no doubt that their claim is valid. Nothing is soggy or too greasy to handle. Prince Street Pizza encompasses classic Italian flavors in the trending neighborhood of Nolita.